I know you haven't seen anything new on this page for a while. We were having technical difficulties. We think it's all fixed!!!! 

If you have been hunting for just the right claw foot tub, pedestal sink, vintage light fixture, doorknob, porch column, fireplace facade, set of pocket doors or the hardware to hang it with, you have found the right place! Can't find the right faucet, no problem. We have a large selection of vintage fixtures. We now carry reproduction plumbing hardware from Sign of the Crab and will order whatever you need (20% discount if you buy a tub). We also have vintage wall hung toilets, more than one, glass lamp shades, chimneys, lamp parts, hinges, shelf brackets, library ladders, tools, cast iron radiators & a fabulous huge sky light, or maybe you need a spiral staircase.

Over 40,000 square feet space jammed to the rafters offers shoppers a great selection. Wander spacious (yea right) aisles , & enjoy a variety of items you'll find hard to imagine, unless you know Stan. If you do know Stan, you'll be happy to hear that he can often find things now.

We do not take charge cards, cash or checks only!

Temperature is dropping & the place is not heated. Wear warm clothes & bring mittens!

Buy a tub from us at a reasonable price and if it's not perfect contact The Tub Doctors (518-533-4825) for expert resurfacing & restoration.